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Thursday, March 10, 2011

His Mysterous Ways

Hey Guys!
I am sorry for the lack of posts here so I have to let you know what has been happening.

I want to say thanks to a Godly lady who happens to be my daughter-in-law, who asked me why I have not written anything on the Faith blog for over a year.

It has been a bitter sweet ride for the past year. As you know, we were going into many prisons and God was always blessing us with people coming to know him as Lord and Savior.

I worked in the prison system for 7 years. During that time I was called to the prison ministry and my church ordained me as a prison evangelist. I posted about how God was working in these men life's, and how he was in the life changing business.

While I worked in prison as door crew boss, I had inmate Rod Moyer, who worked for me. Rod was a typical inmate, only interested in himself and was trying to do anything that would help him survive in prison. Matter of fact, I actually fired the knot head twice.  But he knew his stuff when it came to working on doors. If I ever wanted to get him off my back, I would start talking about the Lord and man, he was gone!  He wanted nothing to do with God or religion. One day I was talking to another inmate about the Lord and Rod just could not stand it.  He blustered out that the religious folks were a bunch of loons.  He said they were so messed up that they won’t let them in where they keep the crazy folk, because they would set the crazy folk off. He told me that there has been more blood shed over religion and that religion was the cause of many wars. I really had no answer. I just said, “That's right. It is all about the blood.” Years later I found out that that was statement he would never forget. You never know what God will use to get to someone.

I was sitting in my office, Rod was behind me and someone stuck their head in door and asked Rod if he was going to chapel that evening. I sort of ducked as I figured Rod would throw something at him or start raving about the loons being at it again. I was very surprised to hear him say “If the doors are open, I’ll be there.” I turned and looked at him and he said “Mr Huff, I got saved!”  I told him there was no way!! I knew him! I was kidding, but that was really unbelievable. I started noticing this silly grin that went from ear to ear as he explained to me what had happened. I was so thankful! I watched Rods walk after that. He was walking the walk and talking the talk. Rod found out that lot folks he was friends with did not have anything to do with him any more. I worked with Rod another 4 years and his walk kept getting stronger.

About month later the Chaplin asked me if I would fill him for him on Friday night and preach in the services. I told him if he could get it approved by the warden, I would, as TDCJ (Texas Dept of Criminal Justice) had a policy that you could not minister in same prison where you worked. I really did not think it would happen, but it was approved and I was able to preach for the first time to the inmates. At that time I knew that God had called me to be prison evangelist.  Faith Prison Ministries was born. I started going to other prisons preaching every chance I got. Rod was always there supporting me in prayer. Every time I got down or started to doubt, I would look at Rod as he was the reason and the example of what Faith Prison Ministries was all about. Rod and I worked together for 7 years.  Two of those years he was lost and four of them he was a changed man who lived the life of free person in Christ.  Free, even though he was serving out a 40 year sentence and figured he would never get out.

I left TDCJ and went into Prison Ministries full time going to lot different prisons but about once month I would go back to Ellis unit to preach and would get to see Rod. Folks would tell me how much he was serving the Lord. On one visit, Rod told me he was coming up for parole but he told me if God wanted me out he would open the door.  He told me that he was 65, had no family and had no place to parole to. He thought he would be in prison until the Lord called him home. I told him “Rod, you can put my address down if you like, and we can continue the prison ministry if you get out as I think your story needs to be told to other inmates. That there is hope and our God is in the life-changing business.”

I really didn't think they would let him out, but to my surprise in about March or April the parole board called and wanted to know if he could parole to my address. I told them sure. I really had no clue what was next. I had bought a travel trailer previously, and my wife and I used it on few trips. I had no clue that this was to become Rods home in my back yard. God is so good. Rod got out in May and he has been such a blessing to us. We were very happy, and after he is out 18 months he can apply and go back into prisons with me and tell his story.

God has way of doing things that sometimes we don't understand.  As Rod and I were driving, I was scheduled to go back into prison for the first time since he got out. I called the Chaplin to tell him I was looking forward to coming back in and then I heard the news! You will not be able to come back in as it was against the rules of TDCJ that you could not have inmate paroled to your house and do prison ministry.  So Faith Prison Ministries was shut down not only for that one prison but for the whole state of Texas.  Rod and I were devastated as this was our whole plan, and it was finished with one phone call.  Rod said that if he knew being paroling to my house would shut down the ministry,  he would still be in prison as the ministry was more important to him than his freedom.

God does not shut doors unless he opens others, and the more I serve God the more exciting it gets. About year earlier a group of men wanted to start a place where folks in our community could come get help.  It was primarily to help those that were drug addicts and alcoholics.  They invited me to their first meeting and they appointed me to be on the board.  I went to few meetings, but really did not feel that this was something that I was called to do. Here how God works. On the very day Rod got out, we wanted to take him to restaurant for his first free world meal in 21 years. As we were leaving, someone called my name. It was one of the board members of the group who wanted to start the drug and alcohol rehab program.  Now we were in a nearby town 30 miles from home and just to see this guy in another town was amazing. He told me that this next week they were having a board meeting and I need to be there. I thanked him and we left.

Well that was the same week we made the phone call and found out that Faith Prison Ministries was shut down.  We decided to go to the meeting regardless.

During that board meeting The HOUSE OF HOPE was set up and we would be parting with a group in Longview, Texas that was doing the same thing.  However, they had been doing it for about 3 years.  It was a place where hurting people could come and sign up for a 3 year program.  It was helping them find God and over come there addictions. Rod and I have decided this was something we wanted to be a part of.  He teaches a class every Thursday night and I am now the pastor of the House of Hope. We hold services every Sunday and Wed night.  The men work in the community and it it amazing how God keeps it going. I ask you to pray for the HOUSE of HOPE and For the House of Disciples in Longview.  Rod and I are working and we are still anxiously waiting for the day they allow us back into prison ministry.

Please Pray for us and you will be hearing lot more from us.
God Bless.
Jerry Huff  
Rod Moyer

Rod Moyer

Monday, April 12, 2010

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Still very busy

Yes we are still alive and kicking and the Lord still reigns. We want to give ya'll a report of what God has been doing through Faith Prison Ministry.

We have been going to the Goree Unit on the first Sunday of every month. We go to the chapel in the building for our 7 am worship service and then we get to go out to the trustee camp for the 10 am service. We have about 100 in the building services and about 75 for the trustee services.

We have been trying to convey that God is always in control whether we acknowledge it or not. He has been in control since he created all this and has been doing the same thing from the beginning of time. Trying to get us to realize that he wants us to get involved in his work here on this earth helping hurting people find peace with their
creator. That's why he said seek ye first the Kingdom of God and then all these other things will be added unto you. But for some reason we are still waving our arms trying to get his attention so we could explain to him how we would like things to be after all he is God and he could solve all my problems if he would just listen to me. But God has his own plan to solve out problems and it has been working from the beginning of time. But we still try over and over and seem always to fall short because we as his creation tries to tell the creator what we want to be. The same story as the clay telling the potter what he wants to be.

God has allowed us to go to Ferguson unit on the first Sunday night of every month also on the first Friday nigh of the month we get to go to Ellis unit where I worked as maintenance Boss for 7 years. This is where I was when the Lord called me into the prison Ministry I sort of see the Ellis Unit as my sending church. We also have been going to the Hamilton unit which is a pre release unit and we get to present the gospel to the guys for the last time and I always tell them I hope I never see them again on this side of heaven unless they come visit me at the Faith Baptist Church in Madisonville, Texas.

It is sad that statics work against these guys as they say nine out of ten will return to prison. Which brings up my saying that I teach over and over. If you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you always got! But on the flip side of those statics is that only one out of ten return when they fully get involved in a faith based curriculum. Big change!!! After all, Christ tells us that we become new creatures. I guess you could say that our wants change as well!

I will try and keep up with this I hope God continues to bless you.
Bro Jerry Huff

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Looking for a Bailout?

Hey Guys and Gals,

God is still on the throne! I have already had my bail out and now I am free under the blood of Jesus.

 I can not believe how we get so caught up in this world, so much that we go around like everyone else just waiting for the next shoe to drop. Hey guys, we have resurrection power! The same power that rolled that stone away and entered in to a tomb and resurrected or Lord - we have that in us! WOW I wish I could shout on this Computer!!!

 This February we had awesome time in the Lord at several of the prisons. The first Sunday, we went to the Goree unit where 5 sinners got saved by our powerful Lord Jesus Christ.  He did not stop there, we went to Hamilton Unit the next Sunday in Bryan and guess who showed up and showed out ? YEP! God moved 54 to accept him as Lord. Hey, he’s still on throne and not finished yet!  Praise God!

 The third Sunday we went to Byrd unit where 9 folks received Christ.

Then on the 18th 19th and 20th,  we had revival at the Pack unit in Navasota where 28 folks received Christ. That finished out the month of Feb.

During March we had 7 salvations at the Goree Unit ,and the 3rd Sunday at the Byrd we had 3 Salvations.

 The forth Sunday I was blessed with the opportunity to preach at my home Church Faith Baptist Church in Madisonville Texas where many prayer warriors keep faith prison Ministries lifted up to our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Pastor went to preach at our former asst pastors church to celebrate the way God uses everyone in the ministries and while he was gone gave me the opportunity to preach at my home church and God blessed with 2 salvations and really moved.

On the 25th we went to Gatesville, Texas, home of the Hughes unit where 9 folks were saved.

I am so blessed that God would allow me to take part in his great work.  I always have to remind my self when I look at the great things God has done with Faith Prison Ministries, that I am nothing and he is Lord.   Only because of him is this all possible!  I remind myself that God has used Donkeys before! Praise God!  I do not care what he uses as long as he is glorified.

 Sorry for taking so long to post.  I will try to do it more often for those of you who keep asking and about the ministry.  Thanks and remember us in your prayers.  God Bless!

       Jerry Huff

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Faith Prison Ministry's still growing!

If the start of 2009 is any indication of how God is working through Faith Prison Ministry's this will be a very productive year!
 Over the past few months God has blessed us to see over 400 salvations at different prisons across Texas. The simple truth of Gods word frees even the hardest of hearts. To see these inmates coming with tears in their eyes knowing through Jesus Christ there is hope of peace and fulfillment for even them.
 Not many find Jesus when they are at the top of their game most folks find him when they have tried everything else and things only get worse. I am so glad that Jesus loved us before we ever thought of him. Willing to die for me and take away all those horrible things called sin and to let me have a loving relationship with the King of King's . WOW!!
 Who am I that God would Love me that much and who am I that through this ministry God uses me. I can do nothing for God but for him to use me as a tool for his glory is great. There is nothing more precious as the master holding and using a tool that he has created.
   I look forward to God blessing Faith prison Ministries this coming year. Think you for your prayers and the awesome letters we receive from so many of you.
                 God Bless Jerry Huff

Friday, May 16, 2008

April and May Blessings

Faith Prison Ministries have been very busy during the month of April an May and God just
continues to bless. We have had so many salvations and dedications it makes me to stop every time I think about it and thank God for letting me part of his plan. I have a hard time believing he would use someone like me because I know what I deserve, but his grace and mercy goes father than my imagination. I am so thankful for what he has done in my life and the life of others through Faith Prison Ministry.

The Bible is a book of history, of examples, a book of love and direction, but most of all it is the book of his instructions on how we are to live this life. As he said, I want you to have life and have it more abundantly. Sounds great and it fits in with what we want. But there is another verse that says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be added unto you”. Use the bible as it is intended and remember that the B I B L E stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

I want to thank those of you who pray for us and I am so glad that one day he will give you rewards for your faithfulness. His rewards are way greater than what we can even imagine. I don't know about you, but I have a pretty vivid imagination! But he said that we won't even be close tp imagining it! WOW!! Praise God!!
Your Brother in Christ
Jerry Huff

Friday, February 1, 2008

the Hamilton Unit

Assistant Warden Robinson
standing in front of
TDCJ Hamilton Unit.
Photo curtosy TDCJ.

We went to a new unit Sunday to finish out January, and boy did the GOOD Lord show out! We had 32 salvations making our total for January reach 60! Man, God is Good.

We talked about things that are not always as they appear, such as Noah building that ark for 100 plus years. I guess if there ever was someone labeled as the town idiot, I think the folks back then would have pointed to Noah. As he built, he begged the folks to get their lives right with God, and that God would destroy the earth with the flood. But they were too busy to listen. Yes, things are not always as they appear. But after God had shut the door, and the rain started to fall, they were running down to the ark to listen but it was to late. I believe if the ark could be found today, and somehow found in pristeen condition, I think that the most frighting sight would be the scratch marks on the door of the ark. Looking at those scratches, you could almost hear them say "I believe now!! I understand now!! Please tell me one more time!! I won't laugh or make fun of you any more!! I believe now!!"

I know that every Sunday in churches all across America, there are people saying it does not matter because we are all going to same place any way. There may be a lot of truth in that, but not at the location we expected!

We can't even fool the people we are around, but yet we are trying to fool God! We really need to look at our life and ask ourselves are we really being honest. If we can't fool the people around us, how do we think we can fool God?? It is time to get real with your self and then be truthful to God.